Two of three New York teens accused of sexually assaulting teammates at an overnight football camp were sentenced to juvenile detention facilities Wednesday by a judge, according to relatives of the victims.

Wayne County Judge Robert J. Conway (search) barred the public from the sentencing and has refused to release details of the juvenile court case. Conway also barred prosecutors, defense attorneys and relatives of the teenagers involved from discussing the case.

But two victims' relatives said one accused teen was ordered to a detention center and another was ordered to a military-style boot camp.

The teens — two are 17 and the other 16 — were charged with numerous felonies for allegedly sodomizing three younger teammates with broomsticks, pine cones and golf balls at the summer camp in Preston Park (search), about 125 miles north of Philadelphia.

The aunt of one victim said the youngest defendant was placed on probation and will be allowed to return to New York.

The aunt, who asked to be identified only by her first name, Sue, spoke to her sister, who is the mother of one victim and who was in the courtroom during the sentencing.

The second source, the uncle of one victim, said the judge ordered all three teens to be home-schooled, rather than return to classrooms with other students. That source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was told of the sentences by his brother, who is the father of one victim and who attended the sentencing.

The three defendants admitted their guilt during a court appearance last November, victims' relatives said.

The victims and their attackers were members of the Mepham High School (search) football team in Bellmore, N.Y.

It was unclear how long the two Long Island teens might be confined. Under Pennsylvania law, detention for juveniles is often open-ended, subject to periodic evaluation by a juvenile court judge.

During the hearing, at least one victim's relative read a statement indicating how the teens had suffered from the abuse.

Two teens who were assaulted attended the hearing, relatives said. A third did not.

A lawyer for one of the 17-year-old defendants declined to comment on the specifics of the sentences.

"The only thing I can say is that Judge Conway is a very fair judge and doesn't cave to pressure from either the public or the press," said the attorney, George Newman.

Another defense attorney, Scott Bennett, said he was pleased with the way the case was handled. He declined further comment.