At last, the New York Post is reporting it right: John Edwards (search) is the running mate of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (search).

On Wednesday, the tabloid corrected its erroneous cover story that former Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt (search) would be Kerry's pick. Kerry named Edwards shortly after the edition hit newsstands Tuesday.

Mocking its headline from the day before, the Post's page one read: "KERRY'S CHOICE: Dem picks Edwards as VP candidate (REALLY)." Underneath, it said "NOT EXCLUSIVE."

The tabloid called the mistake "Our Gaffe-hardt" and apologized to its readers.

"Rest assured that generous helpings of crow were eaten here yesterday — and the leftovers will surely last a few more days," the tabloid said. "We do hope you'll forgive the error — it certainly was one for the record books."

Auctioneers snapped up copies of the paper and posted them on eBay, where bids ran as high as $71 early Wednesday.

The Post's main competitor, the Daily News, gloated over its rival's blunder, sending bottles of sparkling wine to Post headquarters along with a note reading, "Congratulations on your 'exclusive'!!! Have a nice day."