N.Y. Gov. Paterson Spokesman Refutes Report He Used State $$ for Travel

A spokesman for New York Gov. David Paterson said the governor did not use state funds to pay for travel to and from campaign events for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Paterson spokesman Errol Cockfield spoke to FOX News, refuting a report by the Albany Times Union that said Paterson and a former mistress traveled to South Carolina using state money and stayed at the same hotel last October.

The time frame would place Paterson and the woman in the same hotel years after Paterson said he stopped having extramarital affairs and patched his relationship with his wife.

But Cockfield said that was not the case.

Speaking with FOX News, Cockfield said Tuesday that while Paterson made two trips related to the Clinton campaign, neither was to South Carolina last October. Cockfield said Paterson made a trip in December to Iowa, and to South Carolina last month. Cockfield said the Clinton campaign paid for both trips.

Cockfield said two people traveled with Paterson, although he could not immediately confirm the identity of one of the travelers. The other was Lila Kirton, who Cockfield said is someone the governor knows and trusts to assist him with his disability. Paterson is legally blind.

New York media outlets, citing anonymous sources, say Kirton was one of Paterson's lovers.

Paterson succeeded Eliot Spitzer as governor on March 12 after Spitzer was implicated in a prostitution investigation. Last week Paterson acknowledged affairs with several women while his marriage was failing. He says the affairs ended several years ago.

Click here to read the full report in The Times Union.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.