North Carolina's House and Senate approved a controversial specialty license plate (search) this week that will benefit military families.

Backers expect Gov. Mike Easley (search) will sign it into law in the near future.

The tag has a yellow ribbon and includes the phrases "Support our Troops" and "In God We Trust."

Lawmakers debated whether the latter phrase would inspire protest from church-state separationists but supporters say the license plate passes constitutional muster.

"'In God We Trust' has been taken to the federal court several times by people throughout the country," said Republican state Rep. Connie Wilson. "Each time it has been upheld constitutionally by the court as a national motto. It is not an establishment of religion, it is our national motto."

What makes the tag unique is that in addition to raising awareness for U.S. troops overseas, it is also intended to raise money for families back home. Of the $50 cost of each license plate, $20 will go to assistance programs for the families of National Guard members.

Go to the video box above to watch a report by FOX News' Jonathan Serrie.