MySpace Invaded By Phishing Virus Promising Free Gift Card

An identity-stealing computer virus that masks itself as an offer for a free Macy's gift card has invaded the social networking site MySpace, reported Friday.

The "phishing" scam reportedly is targeting the site's younger users, appearing as an email from a friend and prompting them to click on a link to retreive a $500 Macy's gift certificate. After clicking on the link, users are bumped to a fake MySpace log-in page and asked to re-enter their username and password. There, the information is being stolen by the third-party "phisher."

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The phisher then uses that information to break into the duped members' friends list and launch an excessive spamming campaign. Members have no idea their accounts are being used to send the phony emails.

The phishing virus has reportedly run rampant through MySpace, affecting thousands of users. A MySpace spokesperson told WCBS the problem has been corrected.