Evidently, it's time for the lame duck surgeon general to offer his sex advice to the nation before Pres. Bush replaces him.

Dr. David Satcher, a Clinton appointee, has just issued a surgeon general's report on what kids need to know about sex.

The federal government's biggest involvement in sex education is abstinence. Teaching that all the catastrophic results of having sex young and unprotected are best avoided by putting off sex rather than putting on a condom.

Believe it or not, that approach appears to have worked. Teen pregnancy rates are down, and teen abortion rates are down.

But Dr. Satcher claims there is no scientific evidence abstinence programs work. So he's pushing for education on condoms, abortion and gay lifestyles.

He says kids need to know how to have safe sex (condoms), whether they want to reproduce or not (abortions), and how to avoid lashing out at contemporaries who are different (gay acceptance).

Doesn't Dr. Satcher watch MTV or go to music stores? All of these things are amply available to any kid in the form of a music video or unsolicited advice from Madonna, Ellen Degeneres or Rosie O'Donnell.

The fact is, this report is not about children's health. It's about politics, and it is a political manifesto of the left, one last chance to get their licks in before Dr. Satcher is history.

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