Andrea Yates has admitted to drowning her five children, and her lawyer is going for an insanity defense.

Now comes this news — still not fully confirmed — that she was pregnant with her sixth child when she chased her seven-year-old son down a hallway, dragged him back to a bathtub, and drowned him alongside his infant sister.

So what is Texas going to do? Is it going to push for the death penalty for a woman who is pregnant again after a pregnancy evidently made her psychotic and murderous. (Reports of a sixth pregnancy have been challenged in different media outlets).

My guess is Texas won't go for the death needle. There seems to be too much public sympathy, the acceptance of postpartum disorder mixed with some female gender-based grumping about the father: what was he doing getting his wife pregnant again and again after she tried to commit suicide following her fourth birth? What do we need for warning signs if suicide won't do?

Still, the deaths of Russell Yates' sons and daughter are his wife's fault. She did it. And she has to be responsible, even if the state is too embarrassed to go for death.

But just before we close the book on the clearly psychotic woman and the breathtakingly awful end for her five children, could we have just a word or two more about this husband? Shouldn't he have been a little less focused on more kids — friends say six kids was his goal — and a bit more focused on what was going on with his wife?

Wouldn't have hurt ...

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