Poor Pres. Bush.

He wandered around Europe getting a massive tsk tsk from a whole continent of people who just can't shake the thought that they are better than us.

We had the Swedes demonstrating against various Bush policies: missile defense, global warming, the death penalty ... and no matter how humble the protestor, the sense of condescension, the sense that they think the president and the citizens of the U.S. are dunces, is just overwhelming.

Look at this quote from the New York Times ...

A Drama teacher named Gennel Berge on why she was protesting Bush's visit:

"The death penalty is a really uncivilized thing. Refusing to worry about the environment because he wants to save the American lifestyle, that's an outrageous thing."

Uncivilized ... outrageous ... saying he's against the ridiculous Kyoto Accord, which not a single European nation except Romania has ratified because he wants to save our lifestyle? Could this woman have been more patronizing and condescending?

Whenever I hear this kind of talk, I think It's no wonder my ancestors left Europe and got here as quickly as they could.

And in the connect-the-dots department ... In the same issue of the New York Times, a front page story reported that China is making huge strides in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.


That's exactly why poor old Bush was against the Kyoto treaty. He though China should not be exempt, and now it turns out ... China doesn't need to be exempt because it can make huge clean-up improvements.

Hello, Sweden! Maybe you should keep those Volvos and Saabs, and see how your economy does if Americans aren't buying them. Maybe then you'd have a bit more respect for the American lifestyle that supports your lifestyle.

As for the death penalty ... how come all of the countries that like to tell us the Pope is against the death penalty won't listen to the Pope when it comes to abortion?

How do you say hypocrisy in Swedish anyway?

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