My Word for June 1, 2001

I think Casey Martin should be able to use a cart because if he couldn't compete on this level with his drive and his putt, the cart wouldn't be an issue.

I don't think it's true that any other golfer in America could compete in the PFA if they just had a cart.

But on the bigger issue ... should the PGA and the NBA and the NFL and Major League baseball be able to make their own rules without Congress or the courts intervening?

Absolutely. But take that up with the Congress and the president who put the Americans With Disabilities Act on the books.

Was the court right in deciding the way it did under that act? Probably not.

I generally side with Scalia, and he was against this decision.

But on the other hand, do any of you angry golfers think that if the PGA found in Casey Martin a marquee value player who would bring many more fans to TV coverage — let's say he was a hit with women — that the PGA wouldn't change its own rules for its own benefit?

When baseball found it had a bunch of old fat stars who could hit but not run, it invented the designated hitter.

The NBA invented the three-point shot for the short guy who sinks 'em from the outside.

So gimme a break about these rules. They're not holy. They're sports rules, and they change constantly ... usually for the benefit of the people already established in the sport.

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