Heads up, America, there's an angry group of letter writers out there who are really ticked about the Chandra Levy coverage.

Jerry in Minnesota:

John, take a chill pill and be still. The man's private life is his. If he said he had nothing to do with it let the investigators find the proof. You are feeding your own fire and you will be cooking and eating crow. Beware ...your agenda is just to discredit a Democrat. Bottom line.

N.G. is reading something into our coverage I haven't seen:

You media people are acting like a pack of mad dogs in a meat market. Geeeeeze, stay out of everybody's sex life. It's none of your business how many times they did it and how they did it!!!!!!!!!!

N.G., this isn't about sex. It's about murder.

Sharon in Tennesee is angry about the suggestion that twenty-somethings going after fifty-somethings don't know what they're doing:

John Gibson, you moron, us women in our twenties are not poor little pitiful things who need to be protected from all the big mean men! You made me so mad it was all I could do to keep from throwing a lamp at the TV! Chandra is a 24-year-old woman, college graduate, smart, savvy and knew what she wanted: position and power. She went after it. She thought she could get him to leave his wife for her. Some men leave their wife for younger women, some don't.

And another angry young woman who left her name off the email:

Mr. Gibson, if feminist groups started telling women in their twenties that they are still too innocent and not mentally ready to make their own sexual choices.............those feminine groups would no longer exist. They would have no members!

And Dennis in Hoboken, N.J. thinks Condit is the picture of innocence:

Would one of you guys over there at the "fair and balanced" network PLEASE have the courage of your obvious convictions and declare Gary Condit a murderer? It's clear you all think he is a murderer. It is clear you all WANT him to be a murderer, for the sake of ratings. So just say it. And stop with all the "we care about Chandra" stuff. All you guys care about is keeping a hot story ...

No Dennis, we don't think he's a murderer yet. We just think he's suspicious. Maybe somebody else will be more suspicious, but not yet.

And from S.K. in Mississippi:

What we don't understand is; Chandra is obviously a beautiful young lady, intelligent and charming - WHY would she have given this skinny, shrunk-up, wrinkled old man with liver spots the time of day - he must have really chased her hard.

S.K., it's a question for the ages.

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