My Word for July 2, 2001

O.J. won't talk to me anymore. Last time he talked to me, I asked three questions:

1) What about the Bruno Magli shoes?

Pictures taken before the murders show he did own a pair of the "ugly ass shoes" when he denied ever owning a pair, and they virtually prove he was at the crime scene leaving footprints in blood.

2) What about your blood at the crime scene?

Remember the cut finger? Drip, drip, drip ... and if you're going to say LAPD Det. Phil Vanatter put it there from your blood sample, I got a bridge to sell you.

3) What about Ron Goldman's blood in the Bronco?

Only way it can get there is if O.J.'s the killer and he put it there, or Det. Mark Fuhrman wiped the bloody glove inside the Bronco. I'm going with O.J. on this one too ...

So when I asked O.J. those questions, he hung up. Since then, he's been reminded of the defense theories in his own criminal case, and he spouts the Johnnie Cochran line — Vannatter, Fuhrman and the pictures are faked.

There are two failures of the justice system in the Simpson case. First, facts point to O.J. as the killer. Second, apologies to prosecutors Chris Darden and Marcia Clark — they didn't prove it.

But the prosecution not proving it doesn't make it not so. We have a later trial, in which other facts emerged, and in which Simpson testified and failed the test.

In the New Yorker piece, the last quote is the best:

"I wonder if I've run into this person who killed Nicole? Have I talked to them? Do I see them every day?"

To borrow a line from the movie Harry Met Sally ... yes, yes, yes, yes, yessssss!

Next time you walk by that mirror, O.J., look at it. You run into Nicole's killer every time you shave.

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