Since I'm out here where the cops are searching for Chandra, and since the cops have officially given up searching landfills because the cost is so high ... let's talk about the cops and their effort to find Chandra.

We tend to give the cops a hard time when they don't solve a case immediately, or when they don't do something all of us amateur Colombos think they ought to be doing. When we give the cops a hard time, some people get mad at us because they think we ought to get off their backs and let them solve this thing without a bunch of armchair quarterbacks.

And for the people who think like that, I would be one of the worst offenders in the media. I'm always asking why don't they do this, why don't they do that, why are they dragging their feet, or seeming like they're the O.J. cops rather than the Joe Friday cops.

I've never been a cop, but I've known a few and here's a news flash for all the other amateur cops out there: The cops think these same things. No argument about whether the cops are doing the right things is as loud as the argument the cops have among themselves about whether they're doing the right thing.

They are just as passionate about the leads not followed, and the road chosen versus the road put off for later.

So when I say the cops ought to check the landfills despite the cost — it could run upwards of a $100 million — you don't have to be a psychic to believe the cops think they ought to check those landfills too.

The cops don't want it known that if you can get a body in a dumpster, and the garbage guys don't notice the body, and that body gets to the landfill ... bingo ... free murder.

No. They'd rather go plow through the garbage, but the $100 million, or $50 million, or $1 million for that matter, stops them as a practical matter.

Some day, somebody will tell the inside story, and I'll bet right now that what the cops aren't doing are precisely the things that someone in power stopped them from doing.

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