Marina Ein is a big shot P.R. woman in Washington, D.C. She's proved she's worth the money, because she showed she's willing to victimize the victim in order to save a client.

Ms. Ein is a P.R. woman for Gary Condit, and today she said...

A magazine reporter has dug up information on Chandra Levy engaging in a sexual activity known as one night stands. In other words: Hello, nice to meet you … and yes.

In other words, it's time to slime the victim.

Condit's taking big hits and it's time to do what the Robert Blake folks did, and what the Clinton White House did, and what the O.J. defense team did. It's the nuts and sluts defense.

Recently, we heard Chandra was nuts, that Condit thought she was obsessive about him.

Now we're hearing the second half of the nuts and sluts defense. She was out having her way with men.

It's amazing this is supposed to defend Gary Condit. This is supposed to reduce the importance of a married, 53-year-old congressman having an affair with a 24-year-old intern, and a flight attendant. This is supposed to reduce the significance of the implication that these are not isolated incidents.

Condit has been looking like the promiscuous one. So evidently, the Condit camp has decided it's time to dirty up Saint Chandra.

Do I need to explain why this is way out of line?

Has anybody in the Condit camp noticed they are searching for her body?

Has anybody over there noticed the agony in the voices and on the faces of Dr. and Mrs. Levy?

Come on, Condit. Muzzle the P.R. flack, and come on out.

You can sit right here, and I'll give you all the time you want. If you want to say Chandra had a history of one night stands. You can say it live right here on national TV.

I dare you.

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