The D.C. Police have to act quick to make certain they don't become the LAPD of the Potomac.

Remember how the LAPD seemed to give O.J. break after break after break, and when the murder occurred, didn't seem to move very fast? Remember how he slipped out of Robert Kardashian's house when the cops came to get him, and wound up in the Bronco chase?

The D.C. Police are starting to look a little like the O.J. cops. They have to wait for the suspect to invite them in before they search his apartment?

Look, we know the D.C. Police have to worry about Congress and members of Congress. Special rules protect Congress people from certain police investigative activities to make certain members can't be intimidated by a rogue police department.

But here we have what may be the complete opposite. Ten weeks after the girl goes missing, the cops conduct a search of her lying lover's apartment. Obviously, that's enough time for scores of cleaning crews to hit the place.

They still haven't got the lie detector test, or the DNA sample, and they're only just now getting a chance to interview the congressman's staff.

The police better hope the Levy perp is someone else, because if the person ultimately charged is Condit, the cops may have dawdled long enough to hog-tie an effective prosecution.

To be fair, the police tried to get a search warrant earlier. Evidently, Condit's congressional status prevented them.

But still, guys ... People think you're giving him the equivalent of a murder mulligan.The wipe-out-the-evidence-do-over.

I didn't get my apartment clean enough? That's okay, I've got weeks, send another crew over.

And for all you people who keep scolding me that I should stop talking about sex … This is about murder. If it's not a murder, it's virtually nothing. The only thing the sex is about is to identify the habits, predilections, and method of operation of the man who could be the defendant.

Don't get impatient with this story yet ...

It's only just begun.

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