My Word for August 8, 2001

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Today was Chandra day 100.

But sadly, that does not mean we are going to learn anything more about her disappearance ... unless something dramatic happens and some break in the case comes.

I think you can say it's official. This story is at a stalemate, and is likely to stay that way for a while.

The center of the story is finding Chandra, and that seems to be a distant hope.

The edges of the story will continue to bubble: Is Condit going to resign or hang in? What about his wife? What about his kids? What about his legal bills?

All of that is interesting, and you will hear it here.

But as of tomorrow, it's time to tee up some of the stories that have been on the sidelines. Stories on the sidelines are often very good stories that, in another time, would get a lot of attention, but just got pushed aside by the compelling nature of another story.

For instance, if we hadn't been paying attention to O.J. for so long, somebody might have caught wind of Monica, or least the president's tendency to let his eye wander.

But we didn't. So that story waited on the sidelines.

What's next?

That's the beauty of the news business. When things get really slow you can always count on something getting ready to happen.

As my old cameraman Bob Johnston used to say: "There's a fuse burning somewhere."

Keep an eye on the horizon tomorrow. There may be a puff of smoke.

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