My Word for August 7, 2001

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Bill Clinton's going to write a book. He's going to get more money for this book than most Americans could earn if they lived four or five lifetimes.

To me, that means Bill has an obligation to write a book that people will want to read for four or five lifetimes, not just a pile of glossy spin that winds up on a bookshelf for show, not for reading.

I'll tell you right now. I don't think the chapters on the Wye River accords, the high drama of Barak and Arafat are going to keep people flipping pages and jabbering at the water cooler.

What I want to know about in the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton is the things that never made the slightest sense.

Just for instance, how he could have allowed himself to get involved with that woman?

I want to know about the intoxicating effects of the presidency that allow a man who knows better to go ahead and do it anyway.

I want to know about why he thought he was free to lie under oath simply because his political enemies were out to get him. Weren't they always out to get him? What was so new about that?

I want to know how he really feels about what he did, never mind the legions of fawning droolers who think he's wonderful no matter what he does, because they would think any president they managed to get close to was wonderful no matter what he does.

I would like to know why he nickel-and-dimed his presidency on small little initiatives that were designed for momentary poll numbers. Why he put all his chips on a few international initiatives that have been unsolvable since Moses and will likely remain unsolvable until Moses parts the seas again.

I would like to hear the inside stories, the conversations, the plotting, the brainstorming that resulted in the American people buying so many bald faced lies.

Name one? That interview on 60 Minutes about Gennifer Flowers. Even Don Hewitt didn't buy that one.

I would like to know where this notion came from that virtually anything was allowed as long as you were trying to do good, whatever that is.

I might get $10 million of value out of this book if he answers the questions I have about the Clinton years.

How about you? Want spin by the pound, or the real deal?

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