Heads up America. Even the stupid can have kids.

I realize this is not a news flash. Countless stories of parents forgetting their kids in cars where the kid is heated to death, parents killing their kids in dozens of parentally inventive ways, people like Andrea Yates drowning five of them one at a time.

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of instances where a kid wouldn't be blamed for running from his parents as fast as he could. The problem is, kids tend not to be experienced enough to recognize when their own parents are nut jobs.

Admittedly, these instances are the exception and not the rule.

Take today's news about the parents who asked their surrogate mother to abort a child because they only wanted one, and the surrogate was carrying twins. These people are definite candidates for demented parents of the year.

God gives you twins and you want to kill one because you don't want to buy bunk beds, or you're worried about two college tuitions, or — God forbid — they're girls and you have to cough up for two weddings. This is why people have a problem with a woman's right to choose. Parents like these demonstrate that the right to choose means sometimes people choose an abortion for the dumbest and lowest of reasons.

Thank God for the good effects of bad public relations. These parents backed off because of a storm of criticism, and the absolute helpless dismay of the surrogate mother. She wanted to do the couple a favor and carry the couple's baby to term. She is the one the baby is growing inside. She is the one experiencing the parental bonding, and she was the one who was asked to abort one.

By the way, which one? Do you take an ultra sound photo and say … That one's cuter. Kill the other? Or do you do a prenatal IQ test and say … Okay, little Tommy is smarter than little Timmy, so nuke Timmy?

As a general rule, I am against forced sterilization. I don't want to be like the Chinese government, if I can help it. But because of these dopey parents, I am rethinking my position.

Some people shouldn't have kids, because to allow them to have kids is to artificially nullify the time tested rules of Darwin.

The stupid are not the fittest and they should not pass their genes on into the future.

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