Hundreds of you have written to me about boycotting Chinese goods, because you agree with me that all we are doing when we buy China, is buying China missiles to point at us.

Greater minds than mine have come on the air with me to argue that I'm wrong on this one, and say I should give China some slack ... and this is their reasoning.

They say China has changed dramatically from the bad old days of Chairman Mao and the red guard ...

They say the emergence of a middle class will be a powerful restraining influence on Chinese military and civilian leadership, which may want to be hostile and belligerent, but won't because the middle class masses will want the good life to continue.

They say the angry Chinese students who are today chastising their government because it went too easy on America will mellow with age and creature comforts.

They say build bridges.

Some of these great minds are Republicans and some are Democrats ... they are all globalists.

I say... okay. But what about this latest incident? How come this emerging middle class seems to be so willing to send its Weng Weis up to harass our planes, imprison our military people, and demand apologies for what is now clearly their fault?

And how are we to be so certain they're going to be nice in the future?.

And how come these great minds have all of a sudden forgotten Neville Chamberlain and his promise that Hitler would be nice?

I say we're not quite at the peace and love stage with the Chinese — whatever bottom line difficulties that might mean for Wall Street or Wal-mart.

A lot of people are telling me they're going to boycott Chinese products ... it's going to be hard because we get so much stuff from China. All or part of the TV you are watching me on was probably made in China.

But every so often you might want to show your displeasure by purchasing something made anywhere but China... just to see if we can bring the China imports level down... just to make a point with all the greedy globalists.

And as a My Word P.S. ... I think it was great that Pres. Bush stayed away from the homecoming ceremonies in Whidbey Island. It shows that the Clinton era is over, that a president can be plenty presidential without being a camera hog.

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