My Word

Pres. Bush seems to have a new pen pal... the Chinese woman who is married to the Chinese pilot who is now missing after his plane fell out of the sky when it collided with our surveillance plane.

Weng Wei's widow... we assume he's dead, but we're not absolutely certain... joined in on the Chinese demand for an American apology by calling Pres. Bush a coward for not apologizing.

Pres. Bush wrote back, but we haven't been allowed to see or hear what he said... yet.

I'm sure we all have sympathy for Weng Wei's widow... and I'm sure we do regret that he died in this incident...

But here's where we part with the grieving Mrs. Wei...

We don't apologize because this incident appears not to be the fault of the U.S.

We run these surveillance flights in international waters... China sends its chumps into our country to steal nuclear secrets and give illegal campaign money to former Pres. Clinton. You didn't see us demanding apologies for that stuff. We're grown up... We know China isn't going to apologize and we just correct our problems and move on.

In fact, China is avoiding its own responsbility in this fiasco by holding our people hostage until they get their apology.

China employs hot dog pilots playing bumper car in the air.

China is getting all huffy about the fact it is being challenged in its quest to be a superpower and Asian bully boy... hey get real.  that's what happens to superpowers... ask the Russians.

And lastly, does anybody really believe the bereaved Mrs. Wei really wrote that letter? why shouldn't we look at this pen pal deal between the widow and the president as just another way to do diplomacy's dirty work... which is yelling at your opponent... while saving face.

I say President Bush is doing okay, but coming perilously close to kow-towing... which is what Chinese emperors always want.

So Mr. President ... go ahead and write letters to widows saying you're sorry her husband got himself killed... but no further. Regrets are okay, apologies are not.

That's my word...

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