I'm not one to brag, it's actually one of the qualities I most love about myself.

But enough about me.

Back to me.

And my prediction many months ago when we started these financial rescues that there would be hell to pay.

That we'd be throwing good money after bad, even though they warned if we didn't do this it would be very bad.

Republicans attacked me.

Democrats attacked me.

My family attacked me.

Even my dog ignored me for weeks!

My point then, and now, is that the world was signing on like zombies to rescues that wouldn't rescue and bailouts that themselves would need bailing out.

Now, lo and behold, no less than BusinessWeek has caught onto my wisdom...

Now, it too refers to zombie debtors, sapping the lifeblood of healthier rivals.

Ring a bell? Time to go back in history when yours truly first rang it...



So there you have it, the financial factor alone; a voice in the wilderness.

Warning you, and the best and the brightest, that they weren't the best and clearly not the brightest.

Perhaps it's a good thing they all don't get FOX Business Network. Pity, because maybe they should be demanding it.

Look how they made themselves look like fools because they never pursued it.

Word to the wise: Do not dismiss the financial factor's words.

Months later you'll see them in print and wish you had heeded them.

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