My Interview with O.J. Simpson

Dear Viewers,

Today started with "Good Morning America" -- I was a guest to discuss the OJ Simpson interview. I have received mixed e-mails about the Simpson interview taped about a week ago but will air tonight. Likewise, I had mixed feelings about doing it but I know that people are curious -- regardless of what your view of Simpson is. Most viewers want to know how he lives and how he can live with himself. Watch tonight [at 10 p.m. ET] and you will find out.   The interview is not intended to be a grilling cross examination or an endorsement of the verdicts -- but rather me eliciting information....and YOU decide. Many who have seen it are surprised by Simpson's demeanor throughout the interview. I am curious what you think about his demeanor after you see it. Frankly, sitting across from someone you are interviewing is always a bit different from watching on tv.

Click here to watch O.J. talk about Nicole

Click here to watch O.J. talk about his trial

Click here to watch O.J. talk about his regrets

Incidentally my appearance on GMA was interesting to me -- despite the topic and the fact it stems from the brutal murder of two people.  I never forget that two people were murdered.  I had never met Diane Sawyer before and, of course, I am a fan of hers. She has done many remarkable interviews and I have watched them with awe.


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