'My Boss's Daughter,' 'The Medallion' and 'The Battle of Shaker Heights'

"My Boss's Disaster?" Jackie Chan's next kun fu flick and "The Battle of Shaker Heights" in The Foxlight.

Ashton Kutcher is hot these days -- at least according to Demi Moore's publicist. Maybe that's why a movie that was headed straight to video is getting a theatrical release.

"My Boss's Daughter" co-stars party girl Tara Reid and the obviously slumming Terence Stamp. It's his daughter and his mansion that Kutcher has to look after while the boss is out of town. How is the movie? Don't ask critics. They didn't get to see it. If this is really "My Boss's Disaster," we'll know Monday morning.

Next Jackie Chan is back in -- surprise -- a kung fu comedy called "The Medallion." OK, nobody ever said he had range. But the plot about a guy with superpowers sounds exactly like "The Tuxedo" without the formal wear.

It's a "good-natured, amusing spectacle," according to USA Today. There's a whole lot of been-there, seen-this from just about everyone else. Claire Forlani is beautiful, but between this and "Meet Joe Black," she needs another career to fall back on. Sorry Claire. Call me.

In limited release, the one movie that's had the most press -- at least if you have HBO is Project Greenlight's "The Battle of Shaker Heights." This is no "Stolen Summer," but really, how much praise is that? The good news is that 16-year-old Shia LaBeouf is a real star and should go on to greatness with or without this on his resume.

The real question is whether or not last weekend's slashfest "Freddy Vs. Jason" can repeat as No. 1, and guess what -- boxofficeguru.com says it might. That's more frightening than the movie.