Music, Mel and the Middle East

“FOX & Friends” presented more of a mix than usual today, as we touched on music, Mel and of course the Middle East.

Today we heard about -- but saw little of -- the ground offensive on the Israeli/Lebanese border. It should get bloodier before the shooting stops — just in time to complicate the peace process. The French say they want to take the lead, but outside of the troops, do we really need another voice? E.D. pointed out that there are already troops in Syria and on the Lebanese border.

As for music, we closed the show with 6’11” country star, Trace Adkins. The man is huge and has an incredibly popular new single called "Swing.” Baseball fans have heard this song and it’s on the Major League Baseball Web site.

The other story with so many facets is the Mel Gibson "I-am-drunk-and-angry-and-later-on-apologetic" one. It’s amazing how many of you feel Mel is being dumped on by Hollywood for his movie "The Passion of the Christ" and not for his inexcusable tirade. He is not one to sit around and disappear and it should be interesting to see him fight back and yet remain contrite.

OK, so now it is official. I lost five bucks to Steve because he booked Wayne Newton before I could get my good friend Sly Stallone. He may have won this round, but not the belt. Look for an answer in September — I have not yet begun to fight.

It was hard getting on with Tuesday without Tiki Barber, but I think everyone agrees that Doocy did pretty well for a blonde who has a fraction of Tiki's speed and leaping ability.

Tune in tomorrow — plenty of surprises and tons of insight and breaking news from the Middle East.


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