Murderer Serving Life 'Walks Away' From Minimum Security Prison in Canada

Canadian police are searching for an inmate currently serving life in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend who “walked away” from a minimum security institution 62 miles north of Calgary, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported Wednesday.

David Livingston, 61, was working at a farm annex adjacent to the Bowden prison when he escaped Tuesday night. Authorities say they consider him a “low public risk concern,” the CBC reported.

Police conducted an immediate search of the area but there has been no sign of the convict.

Livingston was convicted of first-degree murder for shooting his ex-girlfriend in the forehead at her home in 1983, after unsuccessful attempts on his part to reconcile.

He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years, the CBC reported. After 23 years, he was granted passes to leave a minimum-security facility for 72 hours a month.

Livingston made headlines in 2006 when he attempted to have an aboriginal parole hearing, including the attendance of an elder, despite being Caucasian.

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