Murdered Auburn University Freshman's Remembered Fondly at Her High School

Lauren A. Burk was a popular student at Walton High School in Marietta, Ga., where she played on the lacrosse team and was well-liked by students and faculty.

So when news that the 18-year-old Auburn University freshman was shot to death Tuesday night near campus, students back home in Marietta were shocked, reports.

"A lot of the kids I know that know that know her have been really silent today," Walton High School student Jordon Kroll, told "They are confused. I know I was confused."

Burk's brother is a junior at the school, the station reported, and while a manhunt was under way Wednesday for her killer, Burk's family was planning her funeral for Sunday.

In a telephone conversation with, Burk's mother said her daughter did not deserve to die the way she did. She said her daughter was loved by everyone, and that she hopes police finds the person who killed her daughter.

Auburn Campus reacts to killing of Lauren Burk

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