In the midst of a murder trial, things often times get a bit dramatic. Other times, they get downright weird. Check out our list of very odd murder trial moments.

1.) How Romantic: During his trial in Florida, Ted Bundy, who was at one point accepted to law school, used an old state law to his advantage. The law stated that a declaration in court constituted a legal marriage. During the questioning of Carole Ann Boone, an old coworker of Bundy’s, he proposed and, upon her acceptance, declared them married.

2.) The Missing Juror: Juror Phyllis Singletary failed to arrive in court one day during Richard Ramirez’s Los Angeles murder trial. She was later found shot and killed in her apartment. Jurors panicked that Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, may have been responsible for her murder, orchestrating it from his prison cell. It was discovered that she was in fact killed by her boyfriend in a murder-suicide.

3.) Creepy Carvings: Things took a turn toward the terrifying during the Manson trial, when Mr. Manson began carving an "X" on his forehead. Over time, he continued altering it until it formed a swastika. Some of his fellow defendants followed suit, carving similar shapes into their own foreheads. They would also rhythmically chant throughout the trial, at times in Latin.

4.) Calling on Clinton: Colin Ferguson, convicted of killing 6 people in a shooting on the Long Island Rail Road, stated in his trial that he wanted President Clinton subpoenaed as a witness at his trial. He thought that because Clinton and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo had discussed the case, he should be called upon to testify.

5.) The Glove: In arguably the most famous murder trial of the 20th century, a glove became the most talked about accessory of all time. After O.J. Simpson struggled to fit his hand into a black leather glove found at the scene of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders, the defense made the most of the dramatic trial moment. Attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. repeatedly instructed jurors “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”