Murder for Hire: Teen Allegedly Gets Classmate to Kill Mom

On the surface, they seemed like an odd match.

Classmates knew Nur Mohamed as the guy who brought drugs to school. And they knew Danish Minhas as the guy who made the morning announcements over the campus intercom.

Now, Houston police are saying Minhas hired Lee High School classmate Mohamed to kill his mother and the two are due in court Thursday morning for the murder of 43-year-old Tabassum Khan.

"Nur Mohamed confessed to stabbing Khan several dozen times," said Sgt. Brian Harris of the Houston Police Department.

According to police, Minhas confessed to recruiting Mohamed to kill his mother. Police found her dead in her apartment back in November.

The motive?

Investigators say Minhas simply didn't want to follow her house rules.

"These were not unusual restrictions- curfew, be home at night, stay off the freeway- very simple rules any parent that's responsible would ask their child to do," said Harris.