The latest weird and wacky news from around the world:

After a taxi driver’s wallet was stolen, he fought back and mugged his mugger. Yep, according to a Reuters report, a taxi driver in Berlin allegedly took the attempted thief’s wallet during a scuffle over his stolen wallet. He then locked his taxi and waited for police to arrive. Once on the scene, they didn’t have to look too hard for their suspect; the thief was hanging around the taxi because “[he] wanted his wallet back,” according to a police spokesman.

Ever thought your doctor could be more effective if he or she gave you shots while in the nude? Probably not, but you could get that kind of service if you moved to Malaysia! A man in Huala Lumpur and his wife were unexpectedly treated to a nude ritual dance during a healing performed by a traditional folk healer called a “bomoh.” The man, Mokhtar Mohamad Noor, called on the healer to help cure his sick wife, but the couple left soon after naked dancing began.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game came up with a plan to make bears who hang around areas that humans inhabit easier to, er, spot. The Departments says it’s tranquilizing bears and dying specific spots on their fur a bright pink color in order to make identify and track them more easily. Not according to plan, a grizzly in the Kenai Peninsula died after a biologist working for the department accidentally shot her in the liver with the tranquilizer. The biologist, Jeff Selinger, says “the program will move ahead” despite this “unfortunate” incident. Animal protection groups say that the bright spots will affect bears’ interactions with each other, but Selinger responds, “Most of what [the bears] see is in black and white, so color coding would not have an effect.”

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