MTV Networks, which made its name with music videos, is putting its brand on computers targeted at its audience of young adults that combine the Internet and television with a DVD player and stereo.

MTV said on Wednesday it struck an exclusive pact with computer maker Lan Plus to offer a line of personal computers and PC-based devices this spring that let users watch movies on DVD, catch cable shows, surf the Web, and get exclusive MTV programming in one device.

Mixing movies, music, and television with the Internet is a top goal of major media companies, and this pact is one of MTV's first forays into offering devices in this arena.

``We are seeing a lot of majors get into this particular category and combining all these media,'' said Tony Calandra, interactive director at MTV in an interview. ``We feel our audience will be looking for such a product.''

MTV is putting its name on a line of computers and PC-based devices that fit its audience well -- most of whom have grown up with computers in their home and are tech savvy, he said.

A price has not yet been finalized but the computers will likely retail at about $1,800, Calandra said. MTV plans to launch the line of computers online. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The computers are expected to be equipped with a DVD/CD-RW drive, cable-ready television tuner, as well as a radio tuner with remote and be powered by Athlon XP chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The pact with Lan Plus, which agreed to merge with McGlen Internet Group Inc. in October, marks the latest bid by PC makers to differentiate their products by teaming up with name-brand marketers to reach new audiences.

To wit, PC-makers have teamed up with major employers in the United States to offer employees computer deals. In Latin America, they have joined with banks, retailers, and online service providers to offer low-cost PCs to customers in a bid to boost PC usage.