'Mr. and Mrs. Happy'

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

I need your stories! I want to bestow upon you and your spouse a very special honor. Just keep reading.

As many of you have heard, yesterday I announced that I've followed in the footsteps of my pals, Brian and E.D., and I've written a book. It's called the “The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook.” It's a laugh out loud funny book about marriage.

For instance, in the book you can find out THE ONLY size clothing a man should ever buy his wife. Also how a spouse can detect whether their beloved is laundering money. Plus, if you'd like to, but don't know how, learn how a two-dollar investment can cut every price tag IN HALF! Guaranteed!

The early reviews are in and the book has been called:

“Funnier than Dave Barry... It's now the top wedding gift on my list.” — A famous Washington D.C. writer (unnamed because the article has not been published)

“It’s really really well written. I think this is a very sensible book. Stunning job.” — Elle Magazine advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll

“The book is adorable and hilarious,” says a woman morning show anchor at another network.

My thanks for the kind words.

Here's where you come in. I've written the real life funny book, now I'm looking for real life stories from FOX News viewers. What is your secret to a happy marriage? Starting soon, each day we'll read a real life story on air. All you have to do is e-mail your story or the terrific story of a friend or family member. It's that easy. Then keep watching “FOX & Friends” each weekday morning, to see if your story is read!

Interested? Of course you are! Check out the official "Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook" Web site: www.happyhandbook.com for the e-mail address.

Meanwhile, please allow me to share a few of the stories I received today. I'm going to start a “FOX & Friends” blog called “The Daily Doocy” in a week or so, highlighting many of the real life marriage secrets, so watch this space for that.

In the meantime, here are some of our viewers and their ideas on what makes a happy marriage! And of course you can always pre-order my book “The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook,” at www.amazon.com, www.BN.com or www.happyhandbook.com

Steve Doocy
"Mr. Happy"

Mr. and Mrs. Happy submissions:

“Dear Steve,
We tell everyone that the reason our marriage has lasted for 40 years is, I can kiss his butt and he can't. LOL.”
Bill & Sharon Poole 10/22/66. We have been very happily married for almost 40 years.

"The secret to our happy marriage, (we were married at 19 and now more than 30 years have passed) is the lack of communication. Nothing brings more fear to my heart than hearing the words, ‘We need to talk.’ It means either I've done something wrong or I'm about to spend a lot of money, or worse than that, we're going to visit her mother. To combat this problem I pretend to have a hearing problem. While she's talking, I cock my head slightly, turning my left ear towards her, assuring her I'm listening intently, while I'm really thinking about playing golf, fishing or many other things I love to do. Then later when she brings up the trip to her parents, or some other thing I don't want to do, I say, ‘I’m sorry honey. I remember you saying something about that but I must have misunderstood. You know how bad my hearing is. I've got to work that weekend. Just have a ton of stuff to do.’ When the look of scorn comes, and it will come, I say, ‘I'm really sorry. You know how much I love to visit your folks. Shame I've got to miss it.’
One day she came home with a hearing aid and I thought ‘Wow I'm really in trouble.’ That was until somehow the hearing aid disappeared. Since then I've lost one, had two stolen, and dropped one off the side of our boat while trying to change the battery. I figure I'll be able to duck and weave for another ten years and by that time she'll probably be too tired to get rid of me."
Stephen Harris

Terrific! Thanks for sharing, Stephen.

Here's what another viewer writes:

"Dear Steve,
Ron and I have been happily married for 16 years and most couples we know call us soul mates (whatever that is). We are 60 years old and this is not our first marriage. We've been through career crises, stepchildren crises, and health crises, just to name a few and have come through it all because of my husband.
Ron is just a plain ole GOOD GUY... but he's not a push over. He rescues the elderly with flat tires along side the road. He will not say anything bad about anyone.... and doesn't like it when I do. He will work overtime to finish his work because he gladly took time during his day to help someone else solve their work problem. He'll be the first to make excuses for my children when I'm not happy with them. He calls me "cutie". He doesn't care that I've gained weight because he ‘loves my package.’ He says he ‘married me for my brains.’ He spoon feeds me my dose of fish oil before he leaves for work...because he knows I won't take it. He loves to take me shopping and ‘find another size’ while I wait in the dressing room. He's patriotic....a tough ex-Marine. He looks like a young Dick Clark and I am the luckiest woman I know!
Thanks for letting me share a little bit about a great man. I could probably write a book also, just about him.”
Darla Schaefer
Glen Burnie, MD

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me! I hope this has inspired other readers to write as well.

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