Move Over, Obama Girl, Tommy's Girl Has Something to Sing

Barack Obama's not-so-secret admirer is going to have to share the stage soon with another female fan of a presidential candidate.

While the sexy "Obama Girl" is expected to make a new plea on Wednesday for the affections of the Illinois senator and Democratic presidential candidate, the producer behind the "I Got a Crush on Obama" video told that he is developing an array of characters offering odes of adoration to many of the White House wannabes.

Next up: "Tommy Girl," in honor of 2008 Republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson.

New York ad executive Ben Relles, co-creator of the Obama Girl video, said he and his comic cohorts have been inspired by the positive response they have received, and all kinds of characters are now on the table.

Relles, who is also a stand-up comic, said spoof lovers will be pleased with the emerging devotee of the former Wisconsin governor and health and human services secretary.

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"Cheesehead, beer, cheese something that has to do with basketball. I think we have some good ideas. I think a couple of months from now, Tommy Girl will be a very fleshed-out character you'll all be happy with in Milwaukee," said Relles, a Wisconsin native and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Relles said he hasn't yet decided which music genre will capture the essence of Tommy Girl, but she will likely bear the traits often used to caricature Thompson.

"I am thinking (Tommy Girl will be like) some of those girls that kind of put their foot in their mouths a lot and say the wrong thing to guys and then regret it and have to apologize. I am thinking somewhere along those lines," said Relles.

In fact, Relles said all well-known political figures are fair game for a song send-up, but "we don't exactly know who we're going after yet, so right now it's just kind of a big whiteboard of ideas."

Those developing ideas will be shared on, a humor Web site dedicated to edgy political humor. Relles said the site launched with the Obama Girl video and set off the recent round of comic brainstorming.

"There's a huge reaction so we're excited," he said.