In what is becoming a regular occurrence, seven more handwritten Zacarias Moussaoui filings were unsealed by the federal court in Alexandria, Va., Thursday night.

In one two-page submission, the alleged "20th hijacker" blasts the court and District Judge Leonie Brinkema for redacting portions of another handwritten filing that apparently made mention of or quoted verses from the Quran.

Brinkema, in a brief explanation released earlier Thursday, said the sections were redacted or excised from the recently unsealed document because they could have contained coded messages.

The filing that criticizes Brinkema for the redaction is entitled: "Motion to compel the United States government to apologize to the Muslim Umman for the insult to the Coran included in the letter to Zacarias Moussaoui."

The government's anti-Muslim biases, Moussaoui says, are now "out to the open."

"In a unpublished letter the United States government is insulting the Coran by clearly saying that the holy verses of Allah incite terrorism and extremist action," Moussaoui says.

He continues — "The Coran, revealed by Angel Gabriel to our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), has never been branded a terrorist manual in more than 1400 years.

"It is deeply insulting to associate the most beautiful verses of the book of Allah with horrible thing such as terrorism and extremisme ... Failure by Leonie Brinkema to order an apology to insult to the Coran will be proof that she endorse insult to the Coran."

The Quran, Moussaoui concludes, is a "guidance for peace and harmony for mankind," and the "American people are more than welcome in following guidance of the book of Allah."

Moussaoui has more choice words for Brinkema in other handwritten filings. In one, in which he repeats his contentions that the judge and his standby counsel are trying to kill him, Moussaoui says of Brinkema:

"She is a master of deception, deceiving everyone with her grandnany look, pretending to want to help this poor Muslim fanatic against himself. But you are no Clinton even if he appointed you. You are crude and rude. You want to be Supreme Court. Don't worry, the higher you go, the harder you fall. May Allah curse be upon you."

Moussaoui has wished the "Allah curse" on Brinkema several times now.

Moussaoui makes several more demands in other documents, including the convening of a July 11, 2002, hearing so he can tell all about the conspiracy against him; he demands a public trial; and says he wants his "security" improved.