A lawyer defending an accused 9/11 planner has announced that the men wouldn't deny their role in the attacks, but "would explain what happened and why they did it."

So basically, it's not going to be a trial, but an episode of "Inside the Actor's Studio" for terrorists, where finally we'll all get to understand the monster's motivations.

I mean, since we know and they know they did it, it's no longer about justice. It's just about "why, why, why." We'll learn about their dreams of martyrdom and how evil America is. It will be a show trial, without the "trial" part.

God, if only someone could have seen this coming. Oh, wait. We all saw this coming. The only people who didn't were those who let it happen. There are three reasons for that:

One: Those people are stupid.

Two: There's the "why do they hate us" faction of America who feel we are all equally responsible for the terror attack. If we were just better people — less successful, less "American" — no one would try to kill us. Replacing Bush with Obama should have fixed that. It didn't.

Three: We've elected people consumed by root causes; pseudo-intellectual pap that prevents really understanding evil actions. Every culprit can tell a story, but by listening to it, you insult every victim. To abort any argument based on root causes, simply say, "There are plenty of unhappy people who don't fly planes into buildings." Of course, that's just too sensible for the best and the brightest.

My solution for this upcoming trial: a nationwide "shaming." Don't report, don't decide. If we all agree to act as if the trial does not exist, then we can corral the poison that these people wish to spread.

Our government may have given them the soapbox; let's kick it out from under them.

And if you disagree with me, then you're probably a racist.

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