Mothers Deserve Our Thanks

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We’d never try to put a price tag on the work that our mothers did in raising us. But you may have seen the study from that added up all the duties of a stay-at-home mom and came up with a figure of $131,471.

That’s an annual salary, plus overtime for the 100 hours of work a week that a stay at home mom does for her family. What that figure doesn’t show is that many, if not most American mothers now have to work in addition to taking care of their own. My own mother, like my wife today, managed a job while doing her mothering chores. My dad worked hard, too. But he didn’t have double duty.

I cook, clean and take care of the kids a bit more than my dad did, but my wife’s total work hours are probably longer than mine. I could claim that my job is more high tension than hers, and therefore things even out. But that’s a lame excuse.

Women are the long distance runners in most families today. And moms, more than ever, deserve our thanks for all the work they do. And the least we can do is wish them a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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