Mother of U.S. Girls in Georgia Speaks

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E.D. HILL, HOST:They were separated by fighting for two frightening weeks, but now, two little girls from New Jersey who were visiting their grandparents in the country of Georgia are out of the crossfire and back with their father. It is the story the entire world is following. Seven-year-old Ashley Evans and her three-year-old sister Sofia arrived at the U.S. embassy in the capital of Tbilisi today after a six-hour ride with the French ambassador, Eric Fournier. They should be back home within a few days.

Joining us now is their very happy mother.

Thanks for being with us.

TEA EVANS, SOPHIA AND ASHLEY'S MOTHER: Thank you for having me.

Video: Watch E.D.'s interview with the mother of the two Georgian girls

HILL: I was talking to the gal who was touching up your hair and makeup and she said — you were basically sobbing in the chair, just so happy that the girls are going to be coming home safe and sound.

EVANS: Sure. You know, this is what I was waiting for and good results really, and I got the call in this morning and my kids, they were in the capital of Georgia. I'm happy (ph).

HILL: Did your parents — because as I understand that the children go to spend the summers, part of the summers with their grandparents — did your parents have any idea that there was unrest, that there was the potential of this kind of military action?

EVANS: Nobody had that kind of idea, really. What's happening right now in Georgia, you know, each — even my parents and Georgian citizens, we are shocked at what's going on. You know, it was a very unexpected (ph) moment.

HILL: How did you get the French ambassador involved to help rescue your daughters?

EVANS: You know, I don't know any details but Congressman Smith went to Georgia, and he got the connection with everybody, and I heard the news when my girls were in Tbilisi, the French ambassador — he was with my kids.

HILL: And your husband then flew over there while you were working on that here at home?

EVANS: Yes, yes. He arrived yesterday in the morning.

HILL: Have you gotten the chance to speak to your daughters?

EVANS: Yes, I did in this morning.

HILL: Did they understand what kind of things that they were in?

EVANS: Especially, Ashley, seven years old, yes, she understands very well, because every time I spoke to her, she was telling me, "Mommy, you know, something is going here. Our president has a problem, and people are getting killed and I just want to come home."

And this was very painful, you know, was hearing it as a mother from her. And even she was telling me Russians were supposed to leave but they aren't leaving, they came back again. And obviously I know from her conversation, she understood very well what was going on.

Plus, before we asked any help from Congressman Smith, my family, they tried to cross to Gori and they couldn't and they just turned home by Russian troops.

HILL: They certainly are lucky. People got involved and they were able to help you out.

EVANS: Yes, I believe (ph) we're very lucky. This is amazing — what happened to us, it's a miracle, really.

HILL: It certainly is. Thank you for joining us.

EVANS: Thank you so much for everything, for having me (INAUDIBLE).

HILL: Yes, can't wait until the girls get home. Thanks.

EVANS: Yes. Thank you.

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