Mother Faces Woman Who Allegedly Tried to Cut Her Unborn Baby From Womb

A woman who survived an attempt to cut her unborn baby from her womb has come face to face with her alleged attacker in a Prince George's County courtroom.

Teka Adams attended a preliminary hearing Tuesday where a judge found probable cause to proceed with attempted murder and other charges against Veronica Deramous.

Authorities say Deramous met 29-year-old Teka Adams at a homeless shelter and lured her to her apartment by promising to give her baby clothes. Once there, police say Deramous bound Adams and used knives and box cutters to try to cut the baby out. Adams escaped and delivered her baby and named her Miracle Sky.

Adams, who brought her baby to the courtroom, did not testify at the hearing, but made eye contact when Deramous was brought in and looked shaken after seeing her.