Dear Viewers

Since Michael Jackson (search) is the top of the news, I thought I would share some more viewer e-mail with you. The selection below is simply random. I did not try and get an equal number for/against him, but merely pulled out several e-mails randomly to give you an idea of what some viewers think.


No. 1:

"As a big Michael Jackson fan I have kept my views open about the speculation surrounding him at the moment and since the 1993 case. I think that he has been honest about things so far, but obviously we don’t know the full story as yet. I think that since the documentary with Martin Bashir where Michael openly stated that he had children sleeping in his bedroom, it has not only made himself open to predators but made people think that has he really done what he has been charged with. I think that yes, Michael lives in a funny kind of world, but that doesn’t mean to say that he’s guilty of anything."

No. 2:

"Well, did you hear that Johnny Cochran is going to defend Jacko. He got OJ off with a rhyme, 'If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.' Well, this time he has a new one, 'If his name's not Sylvester, he's not a molester.' That'll work."

No. 3:

"It's funny how 'they' always seem to bother Michael Jackson when he is making a move to captivate the music audience all over again. I happened to have spent time with Michael as a young boy, and I'm here to say that he is the most loving and caring individual on the planet. Just because he does not follow the norms that this so call society imposes does not make him a "freak," or so-called molester. Nowadays parents are willing to poison and make their children lie to get rich quick. It is sad that a sweet and loving individual such as Michael is being portrayed in the media as a criminal, when he has devoted not only his money but his time and energy to children all over the world. We all can learn a lesson from him. Why don't we concentrate all our energy on the 'boys' that are dying in war, hunger, and poverty."

No. 4:

"Get out the picnic baskets... lynching about to take place! The leopard never changes its spot! Thank you. God loves you, and so do I!"

No. 5:

"I do believe the Santa Barbara DA still has the private pictures he took ten years ago on file from ten years ago and refused to give them back just for this reason of charging him again. It might be worth looking into by your investigators. Keep up the good work as I watch you all the time and excellent job you are doing."

No. 6:

"While law enforcement is spending all of it's time and recourses on Michael Jackson, many children are out there still being molested right now, by persons not so famous. Not only (as alleged) just in Neverland, but in our public parks, schools, Little League, churches, some in their own homes. Does a child have to be molested by a Michael Jackson to get help and justice? The DA didn't mentioned stopping child molesters period, just Michael Jackson. I guess the rest of the kids won't have protection by police, unless they go to Neverland."

No. 7:

"If these charges stick.. and proven guilty or not… if he’s found guilty… oh that’s MJ in the rock n roll hall of fame he’s a child what? Can we take him out of there? Why is he allowed to keep his children and why if he’s a star cover there heads, that’s pure neglect, they have been born into this world to see America and there eyes are covered, in public... well we’re all human. Nobody is different or better than anyone as far as I’m concerned… like some singers putting trash in kids minds, as they think there my idols… sad music business... as we all work and have jobs people see me everyday just like you Greta, love your show watch it everynight, sometimes I fall asleep…you do a great job."

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