More Than a Big Mouth

Many years ago, when I was just a kid, I had this incredible Irish aunt, Molly. She was right off the sod and usually right on in her remarks.

Knowing I had a big head, she warned me repeatedly about the dangers of "getting" a big head.

"Neil," she'd say, "If you have to tell everyone how great you are, maybe you aren't."

I'm thinking, she'd probably hate my show promotions! But that's another story.

What got me thinking about Aunt Molly were all these soldiers e-mailing me over the last few days, some even guesting on this show.

I think she'd like them.

They are dignified, respectful, but mostly quiet — very quiet.

They don't yap. They just don't. They talk up this country, never themselves — if they talk at all.

I've seen it myself, just last week at a financial gathering that included some soldiers. There was one hotshot investment guy who endlessly regaling anyone who'd listen of his incredible market calls. But not a word from the solider who had endured hours of enemy fire and had the missing limb to prove it.

The money guy wouldn't shut up. The priceless guy wouldn't pipe up.

And it got me thinking: Aunt Molly was right. The best among us often are the most quiet among us.

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