The Senate Intelligence Committee (search) report concludes that U.S. assertions that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons were based on wrong or overstated CIA analysis.

After checking the jurisdiction of that very committee, I noticed that it is the Intelligence Committee's job to make sure the intelligence community provides reliable and credible intelligence. In other words, this is the group that is supposed to be making sure the CIA does its job. So is it criticizing it's own oversight as well?

I am baffled by the United Nations yet again. At the International Aids Conference, Kofi Annan is calling on the United States to give more money to fight AIDS. The U.S. just pledged $15 billion and is the largest contributor already. Annan is upset that the U.S. wants to spend the money through its own AIDS prevention programs. Annan wants the cash given to the U.N. directly. Gosh, I can't figure out why, in the aftermath of the oil-for-food fiasco, the U.S. doesn't want to do that. In addition, aren't there other countries that might have more to contribute?

Jadakiss' CD with the song "Why" debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. The song asks, "Why did Bush knock down the Towers?" It's been edited out of most stations cuts, but WGCI in Chicago and WWPR in New York are playing it with the line.

Kevin Brown who heads the Interscope label rap promotions department says, "It touches the heart and says things that a lot of people are afraid to say." Jadakiss explains to Billboard magazine that, "Somebody has to take the forefront and sacrifice. That's what I do -- I sacrifice myself."


This morning began poorly. I've been on the South Beach diet, trying to lose the latest baby weight, but had been subbing in Slim Fast bars in the morning on occasion. THEN Brian announces Whoppi Goldberg is the spokesperson for the company. I can't support her after listening to that obscene, foul-language-filled rant at the Kerry fundraiser, so that means I had to toss the Slim Fast bar.

Why can't people expand their vocabulary enough to express their opinions without profanity?

Just a radical thought.


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