A New Twist on an Old Tradition

We’ve been talking about ways to thwart your kids’ attempts to sneak a peek at their gifts before Christmas morning. You’ve heard my ideas, but today on my show Margie Manion gave us some great new ones. When giving kids larger presents, she says instead of trying to wrap the bulky gift, wrap a smaller version. If you are giving a bike- wrap a toy bike in a box and after your child opens the decoy gift, wheel out the real bike! Another suggestion Margie had is a great idea to keep the Christmas excitement alive for the big kids who may be a bit too old for Santa. Margie says, make Christmas morning a gift hunt! Instead of wrapping all the gifts, hide a few and wrap clues about them. Let the kids open the clues and then go hunting all over the house to find the real gifts! That way they get to use their Christmas present radar in a productive way!

Here are some more of your Fashion Faux Pas:

I was 18 and being "presented" at my hometown's debutante ball. In the backroom, just before we are to walk out, I realize another girl is crying hysterically at her Dad and pointing at me. Yeah, you guessed it -- we had on the same dress. It was truly one of those awful moments made even worse by her hysteria. I realized then that there were more important things in life than the dress and that was knowing how to behave yourself when you are in a situation where no one is at fault and nothing can be done.
Constance from Knoxville, TN

No. 2
I was going to the Palm Beach Opera Cotillion Debutante Ball. The store guaranteed that the very expensive tangerine beaded gown was the only one, so my mother agreed to get it for me. All the debutantes arrived and my friend, another debutante, was wearing the same dress. That certainly was a memorable night for more than one reason. Both dresses ended up in the Atlantic Ocean at the after party.

No. 3
When I was a senior in high school (22 years ago!) I spent forever looking for the perfect prom dress and found it. I described it to the girls at the lunch table the next day and one of my friends had just bought the exact same dress at a different shop a few days earlier! She wanted me to find a different dress and my mom wouldn't take me out shopping again so her mom ordered it in a different color. We looked like Bobbsey Twins at the prom. I can feel for Laura Bush!

No. 4
I had chosen a nice suit for my trip and feeling like the smartest dressed traveler there I proudly walked down the hallway toward the ticket station. Much to my horror I looked behind me and realized I was trailing a length of toilet paper that had come with me from the rest room.

No. 5
I once went to a wedding and wore the same dress as the mother of the bride. It was a small town so I slipped out the back of the church and went home to change.
Fox News Viewer

Parents, check out these ideas to help keep your kids from finding the Christmas presents before the big day:

No. 1
The best job I did of hiding a large gift that would have been obvious was to put it in the garage rafters sitting on plywood to hide it and wrapped a small box with a note telling them to go in the garage and stand at the right point to be able to see it. Another way is to get a larger box and over pack it and then wrap this "tissue box" (or whatever one is found). As for me, I have even wrapped my own presents without looking at what they were.
Bill from Mosinee, WI

No. 2
I once hid my daughters Christmas gifts in HER closet after telling her over and over to clean her room. Boy was she mad!
Debbie from Brackettville, TX

No. 3
One year we hid our son's gifts under his own bed. Knowing that he would never look under there. In fact, when it came time to clean his room, he would stuff things under his bed and aid in hiding them...lol. He never had a clue.
Carey from Cabot, AR

Great Gifts to Give

We are featuring fabulous holiday gift ideas on the show all month. Today we featured the PajamaGram (www.pajamagram.com) and Perini Ranch Steaks (www.periniranch.com). For more details on these and many other great gifts you can give this season, you can check out the complete Christmas List on my Web site: www.hillfriends.com


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