At the risk of overdoing this ACORN story, we can now tell you that the Louisiana attorney general is reporting $5 million may have been embezzled from the organization. Previously we knew $1 million had been stolen, but now we learn the $5 million figure was allegedly discussed at a 2008 ACORN board of directors meeting.

On Tuesday, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis denied the charge:


BERTHA LEWIS, ACORN CEO: This is speculation, completely false and not based on any documentation or any audit or anything other than two disgruntled former board members. And this form of modern day ACORN McCarthyism has got to stop.


McCarthyism? That's absurd. ACORN has problems all over the place. The FBI should open a field office in its national headquarters. Ms. Lewis should wise up.

As you may know, most of the press isn't covering this story because ACORN is an activist group with heavy ties to the Democratic Party, but there is a legitimate question of overkill here.

Let's face it: ACORN is finished in the public arena. The group will never recover from the scandals. However, millions of dollars are still unaccounted for, so an aggressive federal investigation should take place. Attorney General Holder's all over the CIA. Maybe he should be all over a corrupt political group that influences elections instead. What say you, Mr. Holder?

With cynicism running deep among many Americans when it comes to our political system, we need to know exactly how much money flowed into ACORN and where all the money went. Louisiana authorities are doing some good work. A subpoena issued Monday demands information about the alleged embezzlement, and we believe there is more to come on this front.

Here at "The Factor," we didn't think the feds would get involved until critical mass had been reached. Now it has.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

We may be overdoing it, but we just can't resist a dancing Tom DeLay.

Click here to watch Tom DeLay on "Dancing With the Stars"!

You've got to love the red pants. Now here's the question. He could be a patriot because he's brave. He could also be a pinhead because he's rhythm-challenged. So you make the call.

On the pinhead front, the Japanese are selling robots who do this.

Click here to watch the robot sing!

Definitely that robot is a pinhead.

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