Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends;”

I'm tired.

On Friday after the program, my wife and I and our many kids motored to Cape Cod, for a new bat for my son Peter at Barnstable Bat near Hyannis and then a weekend of fun in Chatham. We lobstered and clammed and lived it up before we rode off into the sunset for my dramatic entrance to Boston. (See photo gallery for snapshots that I took to make this portion of my "assignment" a business deduction -- I hope nobody from accounting reads these things).

John Kerry chose a water taxi. Me, I'm more of a Yellow Cab guy. My family dumped me like a load of cheese that'd gone bad and exited for home.

I was then left surrounded 4,500 Democrats (search) and 12,000 registered scribblers (journalists). Every talking head I've ever seen was within one square block of the FleetCenter. No wonder there is so much security. I think it's to keep the reporters from escaping and sound-biting some poor Bostonian to death.

I saw Tom Brokaw in front of a Dunkin' Donuts in the FleetCenter and Brian Williams outside measuring the Brokaw trailer for drapes. George Stephanopolis grimaced when I waved hi. I brushed into Jeanne Garafalo and Al Franken (search) as they were trolling for face-time outside the Fleet.

The FOX News Channel has a sweet lookout on Boston Harbor, from a high perch at the Boston Harbor Hotel. If you were watching on Tuesday, you may have seen the picture of our editorial meeting, in one of the bathrooms. We chose that location, because every square inch of the room was being taken up by wires and lights and control panels and make-up people. I suggested the can and the staff followed.

There's really not much going on aside from the fancy parties thrown by lobbyists -- that we are not invited to -- and the other parties thrown by the politicians -- who in some cases CHARGE to get in and then CHARGE to get a drink! Paulina of our staff bought her normal couple of drinks, and they were $7 EACH!

But when you think about it, the Democrats are BRILLIANT. They now have SOFT money, HARD money and CASH BAR money!

Back to my point about not much going on, lets review Dan Rather's CBS.com column from Wednesday morning:

"Now it’s official: This convention really is duller than those the parties held four years ago. Inside the hall, it’s scripted down to the nanosecond. Outside the hall, security is battened down tighter than the lug nuts on a ’55 Ford."

Like Dan’s ever changed the lug nuts on a ‘55 Ford. Isn't that why Morley Safer is on the staff?

Anyway, I'm back, Brian was there Wednesday morning, featuring cheerleaders and photos of the watering holes he visited Tuesday night.

Thursday and Friday, E.D. will be harborside, so don't expect any cheerleaders or Cheers snapshots. She's out for a story... not a hangover.

Thanks for watching and we'll see you first thing in the morning.

Steve Doocy

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