On today's edition of DaySide with Linda Vester:

Hiding Out: A brand new tape said to be Usama bin Laden surfaces on Al Jazeera -- but it's audio only. Is there a reason he won't show himself on video? We’ll investigate with Jonathan Schanzer from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Got Your Number: Brand new poll numbers out of Iraq explain how average Iraqis really feel about Saddam's capture and coalition troops patrolling their country.

You Decide 2004: The Democrats duked it out Sunday night in Iowa and pounced on their front-runner Howard Dean. Who came out on top? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Paul Pelletier, GOP strategist, and Chuck Dolan, Democratic strategist.

Good Start: You've made the resolution to lose the weight, get in shape and be healthy. Now comes the hard part: Doing it. John Hastings, health editor for "Reader's Digest," has tips to help you shed pounds.

Plus, see brand new pictures from the Mars rover (search) – in living color!

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