I've been thinking about the show with some of America's great moms we did last week and the response we've been getting has been overwhelming.

I went out to an event last night and something struck me: The amount of females in the audience was more than ever and clearly they were not there because of my molten hotness. I mean, look at me: Chubby, pasty, multiple chins — I could go on. They are there because as moms, it's in their nature to protect their children and they are realizing that this government is putting their children's futures at risk.

It's becoming clearer everyday that there is no way we can sustain this spending. It doesn't take a genius to look at all of the things our government wants to do (government health care, cap-and-trade, bailouts, universal college) and realize we can't afford it. Which means there must not be many geniuses in the fringe media, because they still think these are just anti-Obama rallies.

They are not.

Moms and dads and grandparents and kids all across America have, up until now, been on the sidelines, content to live their lives and just try to make it through the day.

But how could they remain on the sidelines when they continue to see things like the corruption at ACORN? Or actual communists like Van Jones and weirdoes like John Holdren (who has advocated disturbing population-control methods) and Cass Sunstein (who wants to ban hunting) are advising the president?

How can they sit on the sidelines when they keep seeing the indoctrination attempts on our youth? The anti-capitalist "Story of Stuff" video made by Tides, the "All Are Equal in His Sight" song about Obama.

Moms and dads of America have had enough.

They've put up with the "bridges to nowhere" and the airports to nowhere and the tunnels for turtles for too long. I met so many moms last night who are getting more involved, going to school board meetings and your eyes would bleed with all the stuff they told me they saw.

That's the good news: You are awake, America — especially you moms. I've been saying for a while now: I've had a feeling that you are the ones who will save the Republic; I don't know how, but you must consider yourselves Sarah Connor from the "Terminator" movies.

I don't know if you need to pump iron or know how to fight robots (although, probably wouldn't hurt because I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in Washington, D.C., were androids.) But I really think moms are the key because how can you paint a mom as an angry mob or dangerous or scary?

You can't; it's a losing battle.

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