A baby girl died accidentally when her mom fell asleep as she breast-fed her baby on a jet.

The woman, 29, woke up after an hour to find the 4-week-old had been smothered.

Cabin crew were alerted by the mom's screams in business class, and the United Airlines jet -- over the Atlantic at 33,000 feet -- was diverted to London's Heathrow for an immediate landing.

A doctor onboard the Washington D.C. to Kuwait flight tried in vain to resuscitate the girl.

Police boarded the jet on landing and Scotland Yard's Child Abuse Investigation Team officers are investigating. The mom is Egyptian-born and her baby was American.

A police source said: "This appears to be a tragic accident. The girl comes from a loving family. Her mom was going to Kuwait to show her to relatives."

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers said: "Sitting up in bed while holding your baby is very dangerous, especially if you fall asleep."

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