Molly the Cow Safe at New York Farm After Escaping Slaughterhouse

A 500-pound cow that nearly drove police mad after hoofing it out of a New York City slaughterhouse has been saved from a future between two buns.

The young cow, nicknamed Molly, was delivered intact to a Long Island farm sanctuary on Thursday afternoon.

Joseph Pentangelo of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the all-black cow seems to be enjoying her new freedom at the Calverton sanctuary.

He says: "Her future's a lot brighter now than it was 48 hours ago."

The spirited cow dodged cars, cops and a few irate butchers for a mile after escaping Wednesday from the Queens slaughterhouse.

Police captured the heifer an hour later.

The New York Times reports that Molly was signed over to animal control services by the slaughterhouse's owner.