Model Donna Feldman Says Brazilian Babes Have Stiff Competition From Israel | Britney Spears: Erotically Charged but Energetically Flat | Leona Lewis Teaming Up With Michael Jackson?

Model Donna Feldman Says Brazilian Babes Have Stiff Competition From Israel

Sure, everyone knows that Brazilian supermodels dominate the swimsuit model industry, but Israeli model Donna Feldman thinks her native country is ready to give the South American hotspot a run for its money.

"Every time I visit my family in Israel I am blown away by how beautiful the women are. The beach in Tel Aviv is filled with tan, curvy, all-natural exotic women," Feldman quipped. "Instead of a single man vacationing on the beach in Brazil, Israel is definitely another option to consider."

But as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone - and while Feldman was totally flattered to be featured alongside Bar Refaeli in the Brett Ratner-directed "Ladies of ‘69" calendar for Heeb Magazine, to mark the year 5769, a bit of bare skin comes with a few wicked words.

"There is so much hatred in the world nothing surprises me. I received tons of fan mail and my family was very proud, but hate mail [as well]." Feldman told Tarts in our exclusive interview. "If I felt offended in any way, I would have never done the project. But I was raised in a completely open minded family with an amazing sense of humor."

So with beauties such as Feldman, Bar Refaeli, Natalie Portman and "Weeds" starlet Meital Dohan flying the flag for Israel, is it possible that it is taking over from Brazil when it comes to being the most bikinilicious?

And even though Feldman has made quite a living off her looks, having graced the pages of numerous fashion and men’s mags, and having starred in Justin Timberlake’s "Senorita" music video (apparently he was a "complete gentleman" and didn’t even try hitting her "unlike some other sleazy characters on the set"), she isn’t into hanging out with fellow flaunters.

"I don't have one friend that is a model/actress," she admitted. "It’s not that I’ve gotten into any catfights or had major drama with another model, but there are sneaky things girls do to try to get ahead. I had an aspiring model that I never spoke to or ever met call up my agency one time and pretend that she was friends with me and tell them that I referred her to the agency. She walked in looking like a complete mess and I got lectured about not referring girls to them anymore. It was shocking to me that someone would do that."

But when Donna isn't posing, what else i she up to?

"Writing my style column for Best Swimwear, getting massages, traveling the world, dancing the night away, playing video games, eating delicious meals from Italian to Mediterranean and Sushi to Thai," Feldman said. "And watching FOX News of course!"

Britney Spears: Erotically Charged But Energetically Flat

There's no doubt Britney Spears knows how to draw a crowd - male and female, young and old packed out the Los Angeles Staples Center on Thursday as the comeback queen kicked off the West Coast leg of her "Circus" tour.

However those expecting family-friendly festivities were faced with more of a fierce "Freak show" as Spears gave a show filled with less-than-subtle sexual innuendos including quite the pole performance, a striptease plus plenty of pelvic thrusts, gyrations and spread eagles thrown into almost every routine in addition to a racy video in which the bottle-blonde babe gets down with one of her masked dancers while donning lacy lingerie.

But as much as the crowd went crazy for Brit, there is still something that isn't quite the same when it comes to the songstress's ability to really perform. While she has come a long way from that infamous VMAs showdown in 2007, she just didn't give the dance routines her all and her heart just wasn't all there y'all.

"She (Spears) is pretty exhausted," explained an inside source. "She's rehearsing, performing and still playing mom."

Speaking of which, Britney definitely is one hot mama and wasn't afraid to bare her bangin' body as she basically donned nothing more than itty bitty bikinis throughout the provocative performance. The pop princess didn't say much either and just thanked the crowd for coming out.

"It means a lot to me," Miss Spears quipped before launching into the highlight of the entire production - the slow ballad "Everytime."

And old school Spears fans went home smiling too as the 27-year-old brought to life "Baby One More Time" just before closing out. But that "school girl" is long gone and was replaced by a raunchy woman surrounded by muscular men.

"Britney is having a little too much fun (with her dancers)," added our insider, adding that Spears certainly hasn't objected to getting down and dirty with her talented team ...

Leona Lewis Teaming Up With Michael Jackson?

Rumors have been running rampant that aspiring comeback kid Michael Jackson has his eye on Leona Lewis and hopes to have her perform with him in his upcoming tour, and the British babe certainly didn’t deny it when we caught up with her on last week following her performance T-Mobile Sidekick’s GRAMMY Celebration Concert Tour in Hollywood.

"I don’t know, I’d love to perform with Michael Jackson," she said with a sly smile. "So we’ll see."

And even though those reports that "X-Factor" producer Simon Cowell bought her a $5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills are actually false, Lewis assured us the two are still pretty good pals.

"I still talk to Simon lots, I am signed to his label and he’s still very much involved in the things I do," she added. "He’s honest, very brutal."

Also performing on the tour is former "Bush" frontman Gavin Rossdale, who brought his leading lady Gwen Stefani for support. The "No Doubt" darling hung out in a private pen with quite a posse and laughed and joked around with bandmate and ex-beau, Tony Kanal. Rossdale and Stefani will be heading their separate ways as both their tours kick off in coming weeks, so what will happen to their baby boys?

"Kingston (almost three) is coming with me," Rossdale told Tarts. "Zuma (eight months) will probably be with Gwen."