It was a great day on "FOX & Friends" as Steve Doocy returned to active duty after a few days touring colleges and hitting local sports bars with his son Peter. I'm strongly encouraging Peter to think local community college because he has been writing Steve's witty one-liners for years and the show will suffer. OK, I'm being selfish, but what else is new?

We were also thrilled to welcome back to "FOX & Friends" re-crowned second lady Lynne Cheney (search). She has a new kids book out which is just fantastic, called " When Washington Crossed the Delaware." She was so honest, down-to-Earth, bright and truly thrilled to win the election. She indicated after her segment that we should keep our eye on the War on Terror for the biggest news in the next few months. Thanks for the tip and lets get together and refill Gitmo.

One of the most interesting guests we had this week closed the show — he was 10 minutes late — Raj from "The Apprentice." The guy loves women, loves business and was totally shocked about being fired last week. I have a feeling he has much more then 15 minutes of fame coming his way.

Kiran and the Judge provided another great performance on "FOX & Friends First." The Judge has some exciting news: his book is out, aptly named "Constitional Chaos." It's written as straight and honest as he speaks. Yes, I actually understood everything I read and he wrote! Maybe I could have been a lawyer?

Finally, a personal thanks Jake Steinfeld. Jake was kind enough to come in at 6:40 a.m. ET and talk about his life in sports as featured in my book, "The Games Do Count."

Tune in Thursday for another three stellar hours, which will include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard Meyers.

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