Misunderestimated Again

Well, it's finally over and it's such a privilege to be able to bring you the latest inside information on President Bush's stunning win. I just can't help but be impressed with John Kerry's post-fight press conference. He was classy and turned down the legal overtures from his staff and saved the country from prolonged chaos.

I wonder how disappointed Russell Simmons, Bruce Springsteen (search) and Jon Bon Jovi feel today? They worked hard to oust Bush and push Kerry and the results show it was all a waste of time. Attention Hollywood: Stay home and vote next time — to Middle and Southern America you are lead weight. Their often times cocky, condescending attitudes just kill a candidate.

In the behind the scenes story: we learn more about both campaigns. One short sentence from the lips of Senator Kerry jumped out on me. According to one magazine, seeing he was trailing in the polls to President Bush back in April, Kerry yelled out "How could I be losing to this idiot?" This shows how little respect he has for the president's intellect. It's hard to believe a guy with a degree from Yale and a Masters from Harvard would have to defend his brain power, but Kerry is just one of the many who thinks someone else is really calling the shots in the Oval Office. To put it simply, he "misunderestimated" the president.

We had a special visit Thursday from tycoon and TV star, Donald Trump (search). He's a riot! The Donald showed up an hour early and asked to come on because his day got jammed up. Anyone else would have cancelled, but he just walked in early knowing any show would make room. As confident as Trump is, he's not arrogant. He asks more questions of people then any famous person I know. He talks to the entire crew and I have seen it too many times to think he is putting on a show. I'm truly honored he allowed me to interview him for my book and he had a extremely personal story. Next time he comes on I will have a surprise for him!

By the way, "The Games Do Count," is in the second week on the New York Times extended list. You can order it on BrianKilmeade.com, or at Amazon.com. Send it to me with postage and I'll sign and send it back! Thanks so much for scooping it up because I just know its sales success is powered by FOX fans.

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