And now the most electrifying two minutes in television, the latest footnotes to the American war on terrorism...

When Librarian Kathleen Hensman of Delray Beach, Fla., recognized the name of one of the Sept. 11 terrorists as one of three men who had used the local public library to access the Internet, she quickly told the FBI about it.

Hensman has no regrets, but there has been some tut-tutting from the American Library Association about her failure to observe what the association apparently sees as a privacy obligation not unlike the lawyer-client or doctor-patient relationship. Said Judith Krug of the group's office for intellectual freedom: "I feel very strongly that our library system is one of the things that makes us a free country." A mistaken identity, said Krug, could be "devastating."

CBS News President Andrew Heyward is not confirming or denying the quote attributed to him in a former CBS correspondent's book on media bias.

In a book entitled Bias, former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg says Heyward once told him, "Of course there's liberal bias in the news. All the networks tilt left," adding, "If you repeat any of this, I'll deny it."

Asked about it by the Washington Post, Heyward declined comment, though he did deny CBS is biased on a TV call-in show last year.

CBS News Correspondent Eric Engberg was less reticent to comment, accusing Goldberg of "an act of treason."

The State of Arkansas is facing a budget deficit and Rep. Gov. Mike Huckabee is in hot water with Democrats and the media because he refuses to raise taxes to cover the shortfall. So Huckabee's set up what he's calling a "Tax Me More Fund," to which he says anyone who thinks they're not paying enough in taxes is free to contribute. The State Democratic Chairman calls that grandstanding."

And finally, you may recall that the town of Kensington, Md., just north of Washington decided last week that Santa Claus should no longer be part of its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Well, the decision did not go over particularly well in the community and as you can see, when the festivities were held over the weekend there were Santas all over the place, the mayor notwithstanding.